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It’s a balancing act!
Mums get it right and Employers reduce the risk of losing valuable talent

Balancing being a Mum and having a career is a tricky thing to do, no matter what position you hold. Coaching will help you gain the clarity to make the right decisions about your future.
As an employer, offering maternity coaching to your employees will enrich your employer status, result in an increased number of women returning to work, and not only returning to work, but motivated to make a difference!
By working with the individual and the line manager, maternity coaching ensures a smooth handover on departure and an effective re-integration on return to work. 
If the questions below cause you to reflect, maternity coaching is the next step for you!

As an Employee:
Where did my confidence go?
Where’s the ‘old’ me?
How am I going to cope going back to work?
Do I want to go back to work?
What new career can I embark on that is ‘family-friendly’?

As an Employer:
How can we make a difference to women in our employ?
How can we support women in our organisation through this transition period in their lives?
How can we retain valuable talent?

How can we minimise the impact on productivity?

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